Education and Public Affairs

Chair – Karen Sulway

This sub-committee promotes education and the understanding of public affairs.

The Chairman is Karen Sulway and there are 8 other committee members, including the Climate Change Ambassador, Science Co-ordinator and the *ACWW representative. The Resolutions Officer role is currently held by the Chairman.

Annual activities are the Federation Quiz, normally held in February and the Garden Festival Trophy competition.

The 2021 Garden Festival Trophy was for a photo competition of wild flowers sown by members during 2021. The winner was Gwen Johnson of Colton WI.

Science workshops are organised with hands-on practical sessions when ladies get to wear white coats. The next workshop will be at Keele University and will explore the chemistry of pottery.

Outings are also arranged – we have been to Reading Museum to see the replica of the Bayeux Tapestry that was stitched by The Ladies of Leek and to Port Sunlight.

We have also planted home grown Oak saplings in the National Forest and plan to follow Richard III from Bosworth Field to Leicester Cathedral as soon as the extensive work at the Cathedral has been completed.

The Climate Change Ambassador works with WIs to raise awareness of issues that affect our planet due to the changing climate and to encourage actions that could make a collective difference.

The Resolutions Officer heads a small Working Group with the aim to promote active thinking by members on subjects that may become Resolutions and to offer guidance to produce a robust proposal.


(Associated Country Women of the World)  Jenny Crump Staffordshire Federation Representative

Replica of Bayeux Tapestry

The Bayeux Tapestry is really an embroidery – stitched by 35 ladies of the Leek Embroiderers Guild over just12 months in the mid-19th century. Each embroiderer added personalised border to show who had stitched each panel.

The Tapestry is over 70m long and is displayed in a purpose-built gallery. It depicts events leading up to the Battle of Hastings in 1066 with the Battle itself being shown on the last 3m.