2022 Resolution Update


With a history of over 100 years of campaigning, the Women’s Institute has always been a force to be reckoned with.

Resolution Proposals for change are put together by individual members across the country each year and it is the national membership that decides which one or ones become mandated for action.

This year there are five short-listed Resolution Proposals and a group of Staffordshire Federation members met at Weston Village Hall on Saturday morning to listen to presentations on the five diverse subjects;

Appropriate sentencing of women offenders

Equality in law for the menopause

Fit for purpose, fit for girls

Tackling digital exclusion

Women & girls with ASD & ADHD – under identified, under diagnosed and un-supported

The issues were debated and attendees will take information back to their WIs to help individuals make their own decision on which is their top choice. Voting takes place in the New Year and those with the most votes nationally will be further debated ahead of the National Federation’s Annual Meeting in June. If passed, the mandated Resolutions will form campaigns for change.

Helen Mancey, Chairman of the Member Support Committee said, ‘It is always an exciting time to debate the pros and cons of the Resolution Proposals and listening to different views on what might appear to be fairly obvious issues. The WI is the largest women’s organisation in the country and when we speak, our voice is a powerful one. The Resolution process gets results and it is so satisfying to be a part of changing lives for the good’.

Information on the five resolution proposals – and on current and past campaigns – can be found on the National Federation of Women’s Institutes website; www.thenfwi.org.uk