2021 Resolution Update

The results of the 2021 resolution shortlist selection process from all Federations are:

2021 resolutionsSelections
1A call to increase awareness of the subtle signs of ovarian cancer30,240
2Stop women dying prematurely from coronary heart disease16,285
3Racism and discrimination5,363
4Now’s the time to act! Protect your nature space to create wildlife-friendly communities7,808
5Stop the destruction of peat bogs to tackle climate change6.616
Total selections received66,312

This year there were 66,312 selections cast. We know this has been a more difficult year due to the challenges surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic and multiple lockdowns, so thank you for your support throughout this process.

The NFWI Board of Trustees has decided to put forward the top resolution to the Annual Meeting in June.

The wording of the resolution is as follows:

A call to increase awareness of the subtle signs of ovarian cancer

Wording: Every two hours in the UK someone dies of ovarian cancer. Making sure GPs and the public know what to look for will not only ensure the early detection and treatment of this disease, but transform lives today and for generations to come. NFWI calls on WI members everywhere to help increase awareness of the subtle signs of ovarian cancer.

What happens next?

Members now have the opportunity to learn more about the issues, and to discuss the resolution in their WIs before deciding how they wish to vote after the Annual Meeting. All WIs get one vote– for or against the resolution.

The deadline for WIs to cast their vote is 9th July 2021. With the Annual Meeting now taking place in June, it has been possible to move this date back from 5th July, as set out in the resolution process timetable published last year.

This means that WIs will have April and May to hold virtual meetings (or face-to-face if this is possible in line with Government advice) to discuss the Annual Meeting resolution and decide how they wish to vote. Federations are also encouraged to hold discussion events.

The voting will take place via an online form (with an alternative available where this is not feasible). More guidance on how WIs can cast their vote online will be circulated in due course.