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  • The new NFWI Podcast is here! –

We teased it, and now it’s here! We are thrilled to share our first official NFWI podcast! We were inspired by some of your local WI podcasts and the great content you’re creating (we must borrow some guest presenters in the future… 😀).

In this, our first NFWI edition, we are exploring the challenges and opportunities presented by neurodivergence, in our society – as experienced by some brilliant women. Our huge thanks to: Pippa Simou, Angela Kirwin, & Debra Presley, for their time and generous personal story sharing.

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  • 2024 Annual Meeting – Extra Observer Tickets

Please note that there are still in person observer tickets to purchase to join us at the Royal Albert Hall in June. Please share this with your WIs.

Any extra in person observer ticket orders can be ordered directly via the Royal Albert Hall Box Office and the link can found on My WI –

If you have any questions, please do contact the NFWI Events Team on

Inspiring Women… to write Lady Denman Cup competition 2024

Monitoring and evaluation are important areas of our work; it helps us to understand our audience and implement changes, or new processes, to help improve experiences, allowing us to continually be accessible, inclusive and flexible, and work towards our strategic vision. 

The Lady Denman Cup competition has seen a considerable decline in entries over the past 5 years, so it has been decided that for this year, the competition will be suspended.  This will allow us time to research and learn why members no longer want, or are able, to enter the competition and create an inspiring and appealing programme of creative writing courses via the Hub.